Delivery Services

With our Rx to go, compounding and specialty program we want to make it as convenient as possible for our patients. We have delivery drivers who will make deliveries to your home or office if necessary.

RX To-Geaux

RX To-Geaux is our a coordinated refill and enhanced adherence program.

Advantages of participating in the program include:
  • Increased convenience–a single monthly delivery from the pharmacy.
  • Peace of mind from being able to get medications on time and in one order.
  • Assurance that your medicines will be custom packaged according to your prescribed regimen.
  • Increased understanding of your medication, its purpose, potential side effects and cost.
What we do for the patients:
  • Patient(s) receive a phone call each month from the pharmacy to discuss prescription refills, changes, etc.
  • Patient(s) and pharmacy keep open dialogues with pharmacy regarding doctor appointments, hospital/urgent care visits and changes in my health status.
  • Package prescriptions for a 28 day supply in time coordinated packages to the patient(s) liking.

Diabetic Club

Diabetic Club is a free program for patients who get their medication filled at John’s Pharmacy.

When you join the program you will receive the items below:
  • 1 Free Glucose Monitor (one time only)
  • Non-Insulin dependent patients receive 50 test strips per month
  • Insulin dependent patients receive 100 test strips per month
  • Any additional strips can be purchased for $10 per 50 strips


No appointment necessary just come in for your immunization and be out the door. We offer Flu, Pneumococcal and Zostavax immunizations.

For COVID-19, please fill out our prevaccination screening form here.

Solutions Rx

If you are suffering from a nutrient depletion or just looking to improve overall health, Solutions RX can help. Solutions RX is a multivitamin and enzyme combination which replaces the most essential vitamins that specific prescription drugs and diseases take away from the body.